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Domain Appraisal

Domain Appraisal
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Domain Appraisal - The Independent Valuation and Most Recognized Domain Appraisal

Domain Appraisal & Website Appraisal Deals!

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Domain Appraisal - Best Ever FREE and Premium Domain Name & Website Appraisals By Global Press


Domain Appraisals

We know what web addresses are really worth and every domain is different.

The question both buyers and sellers ask us is: How much can a domain cost? Our scientifically sound, expert appraisals – for both individual domains and domain portfolios.

Your benefits

  • Value in USD: Individual appraisal for single domains or complex portfolios
  • Perfect for price negotiations: Meaningful market indicators make the value of a domain tangible
  • Scientifically sound: Domain analysis based on 10 factors
  • Unique Global expertise: years of professional knowledge and the world's largest database of domain sales


Domain Appraisal by the experts: Fast, affordable, scientifically backed.

Domain and Website Appraisals

Get to know the real worth of your domain and/or website with our professional domain and website appraisals.

Want to know the real worth of your domain and website?

With a professional domain or website appraisal you will  get a good insight in what your domain or website is really worth.

Our professional domain appraisals are performed by experts in the domaining and website industry.

Appraisals for individual domains

Do you want to buy or sell a domain, but are not sure of its value?  Our scientifically backed domain appraisal will identify a domain's value quickly and inexpensively.

Our many years of experience, and the world's largest database of domain sales aid our experts in determining your domain's precise market value. The result: A meaningful, scientifically backed domain appraisal within 3 business days – a perfect starting point for price negotiations.

  • Scientifically backed appraisal: Domain analysis based on 10 factors, such as search engine suitability, advertising effectiveness, selling or buying prospects
  • Includes market indicators: List of comparable domain names and previously achieved selling prices
  • Appraisal is sent via email within 3 business days


Professional Domain Appraisal

The professional domain appraisal of Global Press valuates your domain name based on multiple factors and provides a complete overview of your domain's worth.

 The domain appraisal includes the following:

  • Advanced analysis of the domain by an expert appraisal specialist.
  • Evaluation of domain extension (TLD) and domain length.
  • Linguistic analysis and typing error sensitivity review.
  • Analysis of trademark issues or disputes.
  • List of recent comparable domain sales.
  • Appraisal certificate with estimated value of the domain.

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Premium ,Domain,Website ,Appraisal
Premium Domain and Website Appraisal

Premium Domain and Website Appraisal

The professional domain appraisal of Global Press valuates your domain name based on multiple factors and provides a complete overview of your domain's worth.

The domain and website appraisal of Global Press provides a good estimate of your website's worth. The website appraisal includes the following:

  • Complete evaluation of the domain.
  • Analysis of website visitors, pageviews and revenue.
  • Technical analysis of website and backlinks.
  • Review and analysis of website design and SEO.
  • Analysis of Alexa rank and other website ranks.
  • Appraisal certificate with the value of the website.

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Order a professional domain appraisal

Domain Appraisal

Write the domain name / website for what you would like to order a professional domain appraisal and leave a message for the domain appraiser with details of the domain and any received offers.

Please must include in your Email: The Domain & Appraisal Type with Domain / Website Details & offers if any.


Bulk Domain Appraisals

Appraisal of a domain portfolio

Our Domain Portfolio Appraisal is the right choice when an appraisal for more than 50 names is needed – e.g. as a starting point for price negotiations or for tax-related needs.

Our experts will determine the monetary market value for every single domain in your portfolio and the total value of the portfolio in dollars – quickly and reliably. Benefit from Global Press's vast experience and the world's largest database of domain transactions.

  • A valuation for every single domain and for the entire domain portfolio as a whole
  • Scientifically backed method: Domain analysis based on 10 factors such as search engine suitability, advertising effectiveness, selling or buying prospects
  • Appraisal is sent via email within 10 days of receipt of payment

Prices on request. Please Email on info@globalpressclub.com  to inquire about a portfolio appraisal.


The Global Press method - how we appraise domains:



Does the domain extension match the language of the domain name? How well known is the TLD?

Length and memorableness

Is the domain short enough? Is it easy to remember?

Language complexity

How complex is the actual domain name? Does it contain special characters?

Typo susceptibility

How high is the risk of mistyping the domain name? Does the name have any unexpected spellings?

International usability

Can the domain name be used on an international scale? Does the name function locally or globally?

Search engine suitability

Does the domain follow search engine guidelines? Is the domain subject to any sanctions?

Advertising potential

Could domain be used for advertising campaigns? How does the name sound?

Sales opportunities

Is there a high sales potential? Or a demand for this domain?

Business potential

Can the domain be used as a company address? Or should an alternative be found?

What do you get with an expert domain appraisal?


Comprehensive report

Receive a comprehensive report, fully explaining your valuation of your domain or website.

Multifactor analysis

We appraise your domain based on multiple factors such as domain length, domain extension and more.

Website rank check

With every website appraisal the value of the website is calculated with the Google PageRank and the Alexa rank.

True value

Get to know the true value of your domain, your domain will be appraised by a domain expert.

Website statistics

With every website appriasal we use website statistics such as backlinks and indexed pages for our valuation.


Receive a premium appraisal certificate with every domain and website appraisal.

Linguistic analysis

Is your domain easy to spell and remember? Receive a linguistic analaysis of your domain name.

Trademark issues

We also check if there are any existing trademarks on your domain name and if there could be any trademark disputes.

Website technical

Get to know more about the technical details of the website, including the CMS and the website code.

Utilized revenue streams

Receive a report about the utilized revenue streams of the website, with the website appraisal.

Appraised by an Panel of 5 International Domain experts

Your domain will be appraised by a panel of 5 Domain experts domain appraiser, the best appraisers in the domaining Industry.

Comparable sales

Most important, you will receive a list of comparable domain sales which will give a good indication of your domain's worth.

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